Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Physics House Band- Horizons/ Rapture

THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND first gained attention through their inclusion on One Inch Badge's "Sea Monsters 2" compilation last year bringing together the best music in the Brighton scene with the likes of NEGATIVE PEGASUS and TALL SHIPS also featuring. However, where TALL SHIPS play math-rock, THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND bend the genre to its limits creating something completely different, physics-rock if you like. Since then, they've inked a contract with Blood and Biscuits, home to the aforementioned TALL SHIPS as well as THREE TRAPPED TIGERSGALLOPS and a whole host of other math-rock champions, with "Horizons/ Rapture" being the first fruit of their record deal.

In the nicest possible way, "Horizons/ Rapture" is a veritable headfuck; KING CRIMSON prog freakouts meer frenetic free jazz drumming and ROLO TOMASSI style synths keeping you constantly wondering what direction it's going to veer off into next. Then, just as you think you've got it figured out, they throw the delicate piano of "The Spectral Beyond" at you. Across the six tracks that make up THE PHYSICS HOUSE BAND's debut EP, there are more twists and turns than many bands manage across an entire career and each subsequent listen reveals further hidden depths . it's rare for such a fledgling band to carve out their own distinct niche and, if they're already producing music of this calibre, their future could be very bright indeed! (9/10)

"Horisons/ Rapture" is out now through Blood And Biscuits

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